Green-Fleadh-Logo-2015Green Fleadh 2015, an integral part Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann Sligeach 2015 aims to build on the success of Green Fleadh 2014, which was awarded Highly Commended in the Green Festival category of the Responsible Travel & Tourism Awards 2014.

The partnership approach involving Sligo County Council, the Sligo Business Community, Sligo Tidy Towns, Every Can Counts, the Recycling contractor Barna Waste and the Sligo Community in general, was key to the success of the Green Fleadh initiative in 2014. The visibility of the initiatives throughout Sligo encouraged the public to do the right thing – use the recycling stations and recycle as much as possible. 350,000 people from all around the world came to Sligo from August 10 – 18 for the biggest Irish music festival in the world and Sligo Town was spotless throughout. This generated a real feel good factor which made people proud to be from Sligo and encouraged more people to volunteer every day. The Green Fleadh had its own logo and all initiatives were very well branded with a common ‘look’.

Initiatives planned for 2015 include:

Energise the Green Team – Adopt a Recycling Station

Recycling Stations with receptacles for Dry Recyclables, Food Waste, Aluminium Cans and Residual Waste will be located at all Fleadh venues, campsites and City Centre locations, approximately 60 locations in all. The target is to maximise recyclable and compostable waste and to minimise residual waste at each festival location and to make it as clear and easy for the public to do so.

The Green Team will be recruited from Tidy Towns volunteers, local sports Clubs and the general Sligo Community. Hundreds of volunteers will be required throughout the week. Volunteers will be allocated to each Recycling Station to encourage and educate the public to ‘do the right thing’ and also to keep the area around each Recycling Station clean. To energise the Green Team and keep them enthusiastic it is planned to ask groups to ‘Adopt a Recycling Station’ for the duration of the Fleadh and have a prize at the end of the Fleadh for the ‘Best Kept’ Recycling Station, and the Recycling Station that Recycled and Composted the most waste!

Reusable Plastic Glasses

There will be a ban on glass at all outdoor locations including the city centre streets, for the duration of the Fleadh. In order to help achieve this objective a reusable Green Fleadh branded plastic glass will be available for use outdoors. These glasses will be for sale on the street, at the campsites, at the Fleadh Shop and at the Casual Trading venues. These glasses will be of a good quality to encourage reuse – dishwasher proof! This was a very popular initiative in 2014 and for the 2015 Fleadh we are encouraging the pubs to also purchase these branded reusable plastic glasses to minimise the non-recyclable plastic beakers going to landfill.

Green Fleadh Aware Campaign

It is intended to build on the ‘Green Fleadh Aware’ Campaign for the Hospitality sector – hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, which was developed in 2014, in advance of the 2015 Fleadh.
All hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars will be encouraged to be environmentally sustainable for the Fleadh and beyond. The hospitality sector will be individually asked to sign up to a Green Fleadh Aware programme and on doing so will be given a ‘Green Fleadh’ logo sticker to put up on the premises window.
A Seminar is being held on July 9th for the Hospitality Sector to educate and advise on ‘Greening your Fleadh’ which will include tips on energy, water and waste minimisation, waste segregation and recycling with an emphasis on the use of compostable products.

Sustainable Transport

Shuttle Busses will be available to and from all Fleadh Venues, campsites and City Centre locations through the week of the Fleadh. Bicycle Hire will also be readily available and along with walking, will be the easiest mode of transport to use for the week of the Fleadh